Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange is one of the supreme essential requirements for you while travelling abroad. Henceforth, Laxmii Forex brings to you Foreign Exchange Services that meet all your Forex requirements with ultimate ease and convenience.

Laxmii Forex Sell and purchase all major forty foreign currencies to and from clients as per the guidelines prescribed by Reserve Bank of India. Laxmii Forex offers Foreign Exchange services for Vacation visit, Business visit, Education, Immigration, Medical Treatment etc. at extremely competitive rates.

Necessity for Foreign Exchange

  1. a) Time-out Travel

A global tour is a refreshing and exciting experience. Make the tour memorable and hassle-free by availing our wide range of FOREX services.

We offer:

  • Travel Card offered in 18 currencies  {USD,EURO, CHF, GBP, CAD, AUD,JPY, SGD ,AED, SEK,HKD ,THB,ZAR,NZD,OMR, DKK, NOK ,SAR }
  • Foreign Currency Notes offered in 40 currencies.
  • Travelers Cheque offered in 6 currencies for your expenses during your trip abroad.
  1. b) Corporate Travel
  • For your business travel we are here to fulfill all your requirements. Contact to our branches for the quickest and safest foreign exchange in the best rates.
  • You can carry Travel Card offered in 18 currencies, Foreign Currency Notes offered in 40 currencies, Travelers Cheques offered in 6 currencies for your expenses during your trip abroad.
  • On your return to India we facilitate easy surrender of foreign exchange through our branches.
  1. c) Studies Abroad

Going overseas for further educations is a dream that many youngsters cherish and often it’s a parent dream. Whether you are a student or the parent of a student, you can rely on us to offer you all the support and facilities you need in foreign exchange to realize this dream.